Get Involved ~ Committees

"There are so many ways to be active. Choose what you are talented at. If you like to write, then write an article for the paper or a post for your local democratic organization. Become involved by bringing your talents, passions and capacities to your community."~ Susan Davis, CA53rd District 

There are many ways to be involved! We encourage you to choose the path that is uniquely yours. 
The following committees are part of the Carmel Valley Democratic grassroots of activism:

Membership ~ Dr. Divya (chair), Lise, Iris, Kelly, Myia email 

To be effective, the Carmel Valley Democratic Club needs a strong membership base. The membership committee welcomes new members, engages them in activities of the Club such as monthly meetings and social events. The committee maintains the membership database and responds to concerns from members. Most importantly, the committee acts as a liaison between the members and the Board bringing forth ideas, interests and concerns from the members to the Board.

GOTeam ~ Kathy email

The GO Team reaches out in dozens of neighborhoods and provides help to various candidate’s campaigns. The GO Team is motivated more than ever to participate in campaigns and get folks elected who will protect our neighborhoods and represent the people! 
Info about the grassroots organizing of GOTeam

Publicity ~ Kathy (chair) email 

Prepares or otherwise coordinates with newsletter and creates press releases. Encourages members to submit letters or comments to the editor. If writing is your style, you might enjoy this committee. 

Programs / Events   Lauren MacDonald (chair) email

Ensure timely and interesting programs are scheduled for club meetings. So may choices: local candidates, democratic leadership, policy issues, local experts on climate, immigration, social justices issues and more. What are you curious about? What would you like to learn more about? 

Telephone Bank ~ Kathy email 

Voter Registration ~ Kathy (chair) email 

Democratic voter registration is one of a club’s primary year-round activities! This team also will liaison with the SDCDP Voter Registration Team and club members to host club’s booth at appropriate events, fairs, festivals, and other locations. 

Newsletter ~  Sid  email

Prepares and arranges for distribution of the club newsletter to keep members apprised of events, monthly meetings, timely topics, club business and more!

Social Media / Technology : Rich Abney and Christina 

This committee is the glue that brings it all together! Technology is about connection! And together, the people on this committee help to keep our members connected to the club and its various activities through the website, and to the community and other organizations that are mobilizing for change. Are you a photographer, digital designer, website developer, programmer, creative, artist, writer, social media fan or love to connect? Goodness, this committee would benefit from your gifts and capacities! Let's discover what we can create together.  

To contact a committee chair, click on the blue link that says email. If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, a new email message will pop up. If you are on a desktop and your email is not open, it will appear as if the link is not working. Opening your email account will get the link to go live. 

On a committee and not receiving emails? Check your spam folder and trash first! 

For all information about a committee you are interested in or a member of, please contact the committee chair