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  • Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 06:00 PM · 7 rsvps
    Carmel Valley Library in San Diego, CA

    August Monthly Meeting

    Our August meeting will be jam packed with great stuff.

    For the main part of the meeting we will have representatives from two grassroots groups who are working tirelessly to bring about BIG change in November:

    • Cipriano Vargas from Flip the 49thwill update us on what they are doing to make sure the all-important 49th Congressional seat turns blue. Darrell Issa may be gone next year, but if 2016 taught us anything it is that we cannot take anything for granted.  We look forward to Cipriano telling us how each of us can pitch in and help out. 
    • Wendy Wheatcroft from Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America will be our main presenter. We are very lucky to have Wendy who now serves as the California State Chapter Lead for Mom’s Demand.  Many of you already know the amazing things they are doing to demand action from legislators, state and federal; companies; and educational institutions to establish to establish common-sense gun reforms.

    Members will also be asked to vote on the appointment of Will Moore as President & Lauren Macdonald as Vice-President.   In addition our membership will vote on endorsing three candidates: Scott Peters, Sunday Glover and Matt Brower.  Two of the candidates up for endorsement, Sunday Glover and Matt Brower, will attend.  (Scott Peters will be at our October Meeting). We will also vote to endorse the Full Voter Participation Initiative.