August 24th Meeting & August 28th Canvassing

We have 2 exciting things coming up: our regular August 24th meeting and NO to the RECALL canvassing walk on Saturday August 28th. 

August 24th Meeting

Over the years we have been very lucky to have our US Representative Scott Peters give us an update in August, we were hoping to have him at our meeting on August 24th at 6 pm, but he has been called back to Washington DC, but luckily Jason Bercovitch, Peters' Director of Constituent Services will visit us again not only to update us on what the House is doing in DC next week, but also cover a subject that is very important to the future of democracy: redistricting.  Jason covers census issues for the office and follows the redistricting conversations very closely. 

We will also have a short training in preparation for our NO to the RECALL walk on Saturday the 28th.

RSVP here

August 28th: NO RECALL CV Dem Canvas

I'm sure many of you have seen the polls about the recall and not much to say other than it is WAY to close for comfort.  If everyone votes, Newsom has nothing to worry about, but unfortunately the other side is more motivated so we need to do everything we can to make sure people mail in their ballots ASAP. 

Please join us at Carmel Grove Park (corner of Carmel Creek Road & Carmel Grove Road) on August 28th at 10 am to knock on Democratic voter's doors. 

Please RSVP here.  If you are interested in canvassing, but cannot make it on the 28th please still use the link to RSVP.  There is a place on the form where you can add a note about your availability .  I'll be in touch to coordinate getting you both a list of Dem voters and literature.

Want to get started earlier?

The San Diego County Democratic Party is having a Day of Action this coming Saturday, August 21st with a walk in Carmel Valley beginning at Ashley Falls Park.  For more information and to sign up click here.



August 20, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7pm